Mind Overflow

Mind Overflow
My mind is overflowing with thoughts
My planner is filled with things to do and places to go.
My eyes just want to stay shut a little while longer.
I have to stop for a second a think, wait what was I supposed to do?
But then I have to remember to compartmentalize my thoughts, otherwise my mind wanders.
Yes, I am one person and many a times I ponder.
The home Aishah, that is a daughter and sister
 is the same Aishah that attends Business School and wears heels often and gets blisters.
The Aishah who has established herself as a leader amongst her peers.
is the same Aishah who needs to cry things out otherwise what will arise, she fears.
I am the same person, but I can only handle so much
So, I compartmentalize, that's the touch.
My social issues don't affect my home or school life and so on.
All of these struggles and everything I do, molds who I am, from dusk to dawn.
Aishah, a person with bravery, passion, drive, feelings.
But I am healing,
one day at a time as I continue to climb
the road blocks in my way that are obstacles,
and my mind continues to overflow. 

Day 21 of #OctPoWriMo
Prompt: Overwhelmed



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