Wind Beneath My Wings
As I am about to leave the nest,
I take with me your teachings, lectures, and advice.
I understand,
knowledge is power and ignorance is not always bliss. 
I understand,
 that not all that glitters is gold.
I understand,
I must treat others the way I wish to treated.
I understand
 in order to succeed I must make my own mistakes.
I understand
asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of strength.
I understand
that what is on the inside is more important that what is on the outside.
I understand,
I must take risks to achieve the impossible.
I understand,
in order to receive, I must first give.
 As I am about to leave the nest,
I take with me your teachings, lectures, and advice.
I am about to fly,
and you are the wind beneath my wings.
Day 5: I Finally Understand....

Wind Beneath My Wings

Between the clouds and the water,
it is bright, yet there is darkness
Hidden in the bright hues of red, orange, and black,
a day is beginning, another is ending.
On the horizon, my words engulf into a poem
disguised as a sunset, it is a fire.
As the sun shines, my poetry ignites. 
Day 4:Between the clouds and the water...Where do you find your poetry?

Poetry Ignites

I look at you in awe
taking such gentle care
with your rough hands
You have become
my armor,
protecting me.
Day 3: Taste of Metal/Cherita Poem

Man of Steel

Why I Write
I confess, I do not write every day,
But in the days I do, I remember why.
I started writing in twenty-ten,
there is nothing like putting paper and a pen.
Being young, I was automatically naive,
so what I had to say, who would believe?
So, I began to write for my own right,
Over the years, through the hard times, breakups, heartaches, and fights,
I had words that would help heal.
Each time I broke, I wrote. 
Each day is a battle I must fight,
and so I write. 
Day 2: We Write Because We Must

Why I Write

It's October Poetry Writing Month guys! You know what that means, 31 poems in 31 days. Let's jump right in!
One Life to Live
Born two months too early,
But the Lord showed mercy.
Health troubles day in and day out,
Something my family didn't have to worry about.
Blessed, I was, and am,
Until the darkness began.
After years of not knowing the way,
I learned to seize each day.
Life continued to break me, 
and finally I broke free.
The outlook of my life was bleak,
But look at me now, I'm at the peak.
Day 1: How Did I Get Here?

One Life to Live

I am seeing such great community support after TS Harvey. However, I want to address all the "Negative Nancy" attitude people out there. Yeah, you know who you are. Yes, I'm talking to you.
Let's stop bitching and moaning about:
How the store is out of bread
People are buying to donate to shelters
The amount you had to spend on gas
Many lost their vehicles in the flood. The fact that you're getting gas means you're able to get from point A to point B. Victims don't even know what their point A is.
The traffic you're getting stuck in
Many still can't get out of their neighborhoods and I'm sure they would love to sit in traffic instead of their homes or a shelter. 
How 'hot' it is outside
You have AC in your home and your car - many do not. After over 5 days of rain, be thankful that the sun is out and helping rid of *some* of that water that has invaded lives and homes.

At the end of the day you still have:
a roof over your head:
Over 100,00 homes have been destroyed
a bed to sleep on
People have to get rid of their mattresses that have been sitting and soaking in dirty flood water. Thousands are in shelters laying on blankets that lay on top of concrete floors. 
food on your table
Those in shelters, and others are having to think about where their next meal is going to come from while you're deciding whether to get a medium soda or large. 
a life
Over 40 lives were lost due to Hurricane/TS Harvey. Yours wasn't.

Can we learn to be more thankful for the blessings in our lives and stop worrying about these pesky problems? All it is does is show that you are privileged.


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